About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a renowned educational institution where parents want to send their children, students want to learn, and teachers want to teach! A school where young women and men are challenged and nurtured through rigorous college preparatory classes, Student Government, and JROTC leadership. We desire to foster a sense of community in which every individual is respected and encouraged to realize their full potential of character, work ethic, citizenship, and academic excellence; to assure that each cadet’s learning, progression, and achievement results in exceptional post-secondary qualifications.

Our Mission

The Philadelphia Military Academy is a 9th through 12th grade academic program which is committed to transforming students’ lives with the support and partnership of our parents and community stakeholders. Our military-structured learning environment creates a tailored program that challenges each student to move forward in his or her educational and social experiences. We immerse our students in the guiding principles of leadership, citizenship, and community service. This unified approach promotes academic excellence through rigorous instruction for the diverse learner to prepare him or her for college, technical training, and/or the workforce.


Shared Values

It our belief that all children can learn and meet high standards. We want all of our cadets to utilize study skills effectively so they can demonstrate an in-depth understanding of what they have learned. We expect cadets to be knowledgeable of the processes used in mastering information, and to be able to demonstrate this mastery by presenting authentic products at an advanced level. Staff will be an integral part of the decision process regarding the use of academic assessments through professional development and leadership team meetings. We want parents to encourage their children to complete all assignments at an advanced level. We want to provide a safe, enjoyable learning environment for all students. We want to provide continual opportunities for teachers to share and learn new strategies that will make them more effective. The Philadelphia Military Academy at Elverson will continue to maintain high expectations while providing a safe and orderly educational environment for cadets. We want parents to be active participants and we will maintain continual communication with parents through monthly newsletters and flyers. Parents will be afforded the opportunity to participate in selected professional development workshops. Through the use of an active Home and School Association, we seek to constantly increase parental involvement in all aspects of the school’s operation. Parents will be provided with information in their native language.
Parents will be privy to interim report card conferences, open door policy, School-Parent-Compact, and Parent Involvement Policy.