About Us

Our Mission

Home to aspiring young leaders in Philadelphia, The Philadelphia Military Academy at Elverson offers students, in grades 9 through 12, a transformative education experience that ensures success in school and life. Integrating the values of unity, service, and leadership across the curriculum, young cadets are connected to real-world experiences through innovative college preparatory classes, Student Government, and JROTC leadership courses. With a commitment to fostering a supportive military-structured learning environment, PMA empowers cadets to develop a strongly shared sense of identity and connection to their community. Cultivating active and engaged citizens with the skills to succeed in college, technical training, and/or the workforce, PMA provides instructional guidance for the next generation of world leaders.

Shared Values

By promoting strong relationships amongst students, staff, and families, PMA provides cadets with a safe and enjoyable learning environment to grow as individuals and into effective leaders. Here at PMA teachers are encouraged to explore innovative teaching strategies, through professional development and leadership team meetings, to equip cadets with the formal qualifications to advance academically and professionally. Determined to increase the meaningful involvement of parents in all aspects of the school’s operations, communication is maintained through monthly newsletters and flyers. Parents are now welcome to participate in selected professional development workshops, directed by an active Home and School Association, during which information will be provided in various languages. Parents will be privy to interim report card conferences, open door policy, School-Parent-Compact, and Parent Involvement Policy.